Tired of waiting to get all of the money due on your mortgage note or in need of a quick cash injection?  Seascape Capital is a nationally recognized and respected note buyer that can help you on almost any type of real estate note – houses, mobile homes, commercial, or even improved land.  We buy more notes in Texas than in any other state, and have the highest Better Business Bureau ranking possible.  You will get the best price for your note, honest feedback about your note’s value, and customer service that is second to none.

A real estate note can be known by a number of names – mortgage note, deed of trust note, promissory note, etc. – but all share the same key features of showing the terms of what is owed.  This includes the note amount, when payments are due, the interest rate, the resolution of a default, and many other elements.  Essentially, the note is the “I.O.U” that shows what is expected financially.  In Texas, as in many other states, it is generally accompanied by a deed of trust that makes the property collateral.

A business note has many similarities to a real estate note, but is collateralized more by a business entity than by real estate, though real estate could be a portion of the collateral.  We generally recommend that, in the latter situation, the real estate part and the business part be put into separate notes.  Because business notes are much riskier than real estate notes (due to the less liquid and weaker collateral), the pricing given to you for selling a business note will not be as aggressive.   We are also more strict about certain parameters when buying a business note.

Regardless of the type of the note that you holding, you are welcome to call at 1-800-634-4697 to discuss the possibility of selling that note and to obtain some offers.  Or, if you prefer, you can complete one of our online forms.  We are quite responsive and will usually get back to you within a matter of hours.